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About Dryer Vents and House Fire Risks

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About Dryer Vents and House Fire Risks

Dryer Vents and House Fire Risks In Alameda

It is great to have the washed clothes dry in minutes rather than in days. Clothes dryers are part of modern life and practically every family uses one. At the same time, every year tens of thousands of house fires start from the dryer vent. This is certainly not a reason for ditching this valuable appliance. You just need to keep it and its exhaust system in good condition with regular dryer vent cleaning. Find out why this type of maintenance is crucial for your safety.

The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

The job of the dryer is to heat the clothes to a temperature which is high enough for the water inside them to evaporate. In order for the clothes to become fully dry, the warm and moist air is extracted and released from the main compartment where the clothes are. It is not released directly into the air, but into a specially designed vent system. There is a sufficiently wide duct which takes the air out of the house. It ends at the outer wall and has cover so that rainwater and debris cannot get inside. As you can see, the system is not complex, but this does not mean that dryer duct cleaning is a simple task.

Prevent Fire Risks By Regular Removing Dryer Duct's Blockage

The exhaust system is designed to work effectively and it does, but it is prone to blockage. This is because lint from the clothes is released along with the evaporated water. It is also taken out through the vent carried by the warm air. The problem is that as the air cools, the lint gets deposited on the walls of the vent. It is light, but quite sticky at the same time. This is how it builds up on the walls. The technicians of Air Duct Cleaning Alameda explain that the accumulation becomes thicker and thicker over time. When the pressure on the hot air released through the vent becomes too high, fire starts. The lint catches fire quite quickly and burns at a very high temperature. It can get easily spread to the dryer and to the rest of the house.

Gladly, fire can be effectively prevented with regular exhaust system cleaning. This involves the removal of the lint build-up with specially designed tools and techniques. At the same time, cleaning is not the only thing that has to be done as part of regular maintenance. The vent has to be inspected very carefully for damage and wear and tear. If there is a need for dryer vent repair or replacement, this job must be done without any kind of delay. You would want the appliance to work safely and effectively at all times. This will help you to keep energy costs down as well.

Do not let your home be at high risk of fire.


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